About Us

White Canvas Art Co was founded in 2018 by three family members, Derek White, his brother Dustin White, and Dustin's wife, Elizabeth White. There goal was to follow their passions for the arts, and create a company that allowed them to do that, as well as help others do such.


Each of our artists bring something different to the table, and come to that table with different backgrounds, allowing us to explore a large array of art forms.


Derek White

Derek is a well-rounded artist that does everything from photography to metal work. He has created pieces that have traveled nation wide as part of exhibits, and continues to try to push his own limits when it comes to art.


Dustin White

Dustin is an award winning photographer, exploring every aspect of the art, working both in digital and historic forms. His work has been published both nationally and internationally.

Elizabeth White

Elizabeth has had a passion for art since she was young, leading her to pursue a degree in art in college. Her work has been published and has even become part of local communities, including her commissioned mural that is part of Bismark's Alley Art.

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